Gyro at Lucky’s. Craft stuff from Shauna. Yet another load. Elaine to WinCo.

chowing down
Chowing down at Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes

In a change from usual, we headed to Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes for our supper tonight. Pete Petersen mentioned Lucky’s while we were at the pool and it sounded like a good idea to us, especially since Elaine had not decided what to make for supper yet. Plus, she had not been to Lucky’s yet. Pete and I had a gyro and Elaine had a burger and fries. Those gyros are delicious and generous; I brought half back for another meal. Elaine did the same with her burger. The fries are so outstanding I bought another order to take home; we’ll heat them up in the toaster oven tomorrow.

box of stamping items
Shauna sent this large box of stamping things to her mother.

Elaine received a surprise package from daughter Shauna today – a large box filled with stamping craft items. Stamps, ink pads, and much more. Shauna and Casey are downsizing their home and Shauna decided she was not going to work with the stamping stuff again so she sent it off to Elaine. Now Elaine just has to find room in HER craft room; fortunately she has recently been doing some cleaning out there recently so it may be easier than it would have been a week or so ago! Elaine does a lot of stamping, so that will work well for her. She said that many of the stamps are not available today, so it was a good present.

Elaine headed to the WinCo store on W Bell this morning to stock up on some items that she gets there. She took Pete along as well; since he doesn’t have a car this gives him a chance to do some stocking up as well. The store is just too large for me to handle, so I stay home.

more stuff
I added another three large plastic tubs of stuff from the motorhome today

While she was gone to WinCo I went to the motorhome and loaded up three more large plastic tubs, mostly from the kitchen. There is very little left to bring back from the Phaeton. One more trip should finish the job. As you can see in the photo, the pile at the house continues to grow.


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