Skin check – OK. Golf cart lights. Weather moderating. Delicious pot roast.

I had my semi-annual skin cancer check at Arizona Dermatology today, and there were only 3-4 growths that needed freezing and none that needed surgery or further treatment. Having had several squamous cell and basel cell carcinomas that had to be surgically removed over the last few years, I have these semi-annual checks on a regular basis. Tirsa Quartullo, DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), has been my practioner the last year or so. She commented on my tan and I told her I spend an hour or so a day in the pool but wear a hat while there. She said I probably have good genes to take that much sun without more skin problems. Being in the water during that time I cannot wear skin protection, of course.

I called Steve Fritts, of Cactus Golf Cars, (480) 255-0706, to do the final fix on our new LED golf cart lights and he came over this morning. Pete and I had gotten the headlights working but there were problems with the brake and signal lights. Steve got the rear lights hooked up and found the brake light problem – the switch under the golf cart was stuck. Then he told me what part I needed to fix the signal light problem; it is a different flasher unit needed because the LED lights do not have the same electrical resistance as incandescent lights. He also showed me where it goes and how to make the change.

We have had a break in the weather the last few days. No more monsoon storms and the temperatures are around normal (104-107┬░). The humidity has gone down and it is only 21% this evening. We like that!

Elaine did a great crockpot meal today. She started a beef roast cooking early on with au jus, peppers, and carrots and we were treated to awesome smells all afternoon. Then nearer to suppertime she put the leftover potato fries from Lucky’s last night in the toaster oven and heated them up. I put some of the pot gravy over my fries. It was delicious, and we have lots of leftovers.

We were supposed to have a health screening offered by our health insurance company this afternoon. I had signed up for it several months ago. My notes showed it was to be at L. A. Fitness, and we went to the one on W Northern only to find out they had no idea what we were talking about! Obviously, I needed more information. As a result we got to go swimming after all, though we got there a little later than usual.

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