Texas Sage blooming. Dead batteries. Class C search.

Texas Sage
Texas Sage shrubs are in bloom again due to recent rains.

After a period of a day or two of rain the Texas Sage shrubs in the Park (and elsewhere) bloom copiously with their little purple blossoms. The blossoms only last a few days and get shed, and then come back again with more rain. Since we have so little rain here in Phoenix it is always a special event when the blooms do come. While the Texas Sage shrubs here in the Park are not shaped, in many places around the Valley people have shaped the shrubs by flattening the tops and sometimes the sides. Some people make them rounded, some make them more square or rectangular. Whatever, they are spectacular for short periods several times a year.

I went over to the motorhome today to take some photos of various features we have added. Among these is the painted box ends for the slides; this feature is only available from the factory on higher-end motorhomes, but we had our Phaeton boxes done a few years ago. When I got there I found I could not start the engine or the generator! Batteries for both were dead. I had just recharged them a couple of week ago, but apparently I did not shut off the cutout switches.

I tried using my battery pack, but it does not have enough power to turn over the large diesel engine. So I called our Good Sam Roadside Assistance Service for a jump start. They came out about an hour later Рat the time they said they would Рand successfully jumped the engine batteries so I could start the engine.  Once the engine was started, I was then able to start the generator. I let the engine run for about an hour then shut it off. I will leave the generator run for about four hours to fully recharge the house batteries.

We seem to be getting closer to making a decision on a Class C motorhome to replace our Class A Tiffin Phaeton. Based on what is available in the Phoenix and Tucson areas we think we will go for a Fleetwood Jamboree motorhome. We test drove a Jamboree 30F this morning at La Mesa RV’s Phoenix store and spent a fair amount of time going over interior and exterior details. I reviewed the construction details and am satisfied with those and the apparent fit and finish seems adequate. Elaine likes the kitchen layout and the furniture seems to fit us. Two “problems” with the 30F is that it comes with a king bed and with an outside kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, and sink). We prefer a queen bed, and the outside kitchen is superfluous for us. La Mesa also has a 31U model, which does not have an outside kitchen and does have a queen bed; the problem here is that it is at their Port San Lucie FL dealership. We thought about flying to FL and driving it back, but the interior woodwork is a dark color and we don’t like that. I have checked dealer inventories from Prescott to Tucson, and did not find a satisfactory 31U anyplace. We’ll probably make a decision in a day or so.

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