Tired slowdown; slow day.

Elaine and cards
The artist Elaine hard at work on her cards.

I started the day tired, but it improved as the day went on. I think I was reacting to the turmoil and pressure over the last few days associated with choosing a new Class C motorhome and not having the one we want available locally. I spent much of the morning reading and relaxing and it helped. Elaine read for a while as well, but then repaired to her craft room and was busy for hours, working on her cards. She has been doing a lot of work on cards lately, and the results are great. She’s building up quite a stock of finished cards.

I got a call from Marv Fitchett early this morning, telling me that the front door to our motorhome was open. The motorhome is in the locked storage yard here at Royal Palm and he noticed it on his way to a project on A Street. I wanted to go over right away but had stored the golf cart under the awning at the rear of the patio and I knew if I moved the golf cart it would immediately awaken Gizmo, sleeping on the bed with Elaine. I did not want that!

Once Gizmo did get up I took the two boys for their morning walk and George Krause stopped to tell me the same thing. George had driven into the storage area in his golf cart and called at the door, but did not go in. So once back from the walk I went over and closed the door, after checking inside. All was well. This is not the first time I have done this. After running engine and generator to charge batteries I leave the door open while I shut the battery shutoff switches off. That way the steps stay extended. The battery compartments are on the drivers side, opposite from the door. Then I (usually) go and close and lock the front door. But if distracted or forgetful and if I park the golf cart in front of the motorhome instead of along the side by the door, I may forget the door is still open. Tsk, tsk.

Other than swimming, the only other think I did today was to go to CVS for some vitamins and supplements and to an auto parts store to get a new flasher for the golf cart. I tried to install the latter when I returned but do not have the strength to remove the old one in the uncomfortable bending over position. Guess I’ll have to ask Pete to help.

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  1. Sounds like you are quite busy I don’t know how you did all the work on the family tree but thank you 😊 and God bless you

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