Kerby posed. Battery change. More on motorhome values.

Kerby posed
I got Kerby to hold still long enough to get his photo. Doesn’t happen very often.

Over the years Kerby’s behavior has slightly changed, as he gets older. He used to be very lively and we could get him to play with ease, but as he gets older he has slowed down a lot and now can’t be teased into romping. When a visitor comes Kerby will go over to them and greet them; if the visitor sits on the couch Kerby will go sit at the person’s feet and enjoys being petted. But he can’t jump onto the couch as Gizmo does. One behavior is that he does not like to have his photo taken. Usually if he sees me get my phone camera out he turns around or will head for another room. So I felt fortunate this morning when he sat still so I could get the photo at right.

Last week I had to have road service come out to jump the motorhome engine batteries so I could start it. I let the engine run for an hour or so, hoping the batteries would recharge but they did not. The next time I tried to start the engine the batteries were dead again. That doesn’t surprise me; those are the original batteries which means they are at least five, if not six, years old.

So today I went to the motorhome to get the battery information and then called The Battery Guy about replacements. Whatever we decide to do about our motorhome we will always need to start the engine!

I did some more research on pricing and value today, using the NADA site. I downloaded a Tiffin Phaeton brochure from 2012, our model year, and copied out a list of standard and optional features. With the NADA system, the base value takes into account what is standard and you only add in those optional features your system has.  This gives me a good idea of the value, at several different levels, such as what price we might ask for an outright sale. I also did some digging on the difference between low retail and trade-in value,  and learned that you can approximate trade-in value by subtracting 10% from the low retail value. This lets me adjust my reality to be closer to how the dealer looks at things and I better understand the values they quoted us yesterday. This lower value means we have to consider how we proceed from here; our main goal is to get rid of the roughly $1,200 per month we spend in mortgage and other fixed payments with our current system. Not sure yet what we will decide.

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