Biker ladies. Grandkid time. Fun family dinner at Sapporo’s.

Elaine and Shauna on Harley
Elaine and Shauna on Shauna’s Harley

After Shauna finished her crossfit session this morning I took Elaine to meet up with her so she could go to Green River and Shauna could do her nails. Then she called for me to pick her up around noon and we went to Don Pedro’s for lunch. I drove our Equinox to the restaurant, but Elaine rode with Shauna on the back of her motorcycle – a big red Harley named Ruby. I think she enjoyed the ride, and I know Shauna enjoyed having her Mom on her bike! Continue reading Biker ladies. Grandkid time. Fun family dinner at Sapporo’s.

In Wyoming. Lots of family. This Old House.

The house where we are staying for this visit

We arrived in Wyoming around noon today, leaving Beaver UT around 8:30. Elaine had been in touch with Destry and Rachel and we knew they were somewhere behind us. They had flown into Salt Lake City this morning, rented a car, and headed up. They had their lunch on the way so we stopped at JB’s in Evanston for our lunch. After that they got a little ahead of us, but we were both heading to the same place. Destry had rented a house under AirBNB for the weekend and we were going to stay there with them. Continue reading In Wyoming. Lots of family. This Old House.

On our way to WY.

halfway tree
I use this tree about ten miles north of Panguitch UT on US 89 as a halfway marker on our trips to Rock Springs WY.

We left home around 8:30 this morning – the first time. We got about 20 minutes out when I realized I forgot to pack my shirts. I had been heading to the bedroom to get them this morning when I got distracted by something else and I never got the shirt task done. So back we went, retrieving the shirts, and also allowing Elaine to do something SHE forgot. So that put us effectively on the road about 45 minutes later than we hoped. Continue reading On our way to WY.

Wound infected. Running around. Still high temps.

I went back to Arizona Dermatology this morning for a two-week check on the surgical would and for stitches removal. This was where I had a cyst removed. They discovered that it had become infected and was not healing, so I am still with a bandage for another week or so. She asked how I had been treating it and when I mentioned Neosporin, she made a dismayed sound and said to never use Neosporin. Apparently it can affect some people negatively, as perhaps it did me. I do have to admit that I did not provide the proper care, however. The care instructions got buried on my desk and I just found them again four days ago and was surprised by some of the things I should have been doing. I will do them now. Continue reading Wound infected. Running around. Still high temps.

Soft and clean and fluffy. Planning. Swimming.

This was maintenance bathing day for Kerby and Gizmo and we took them to Danielle at 11:00 this morning. About two hours later they were ready and smelling great again. They get a little heavy smelling when it is time for grooming or bath and this last period was one week longer – four weeks instead of the usual three – because I forgot to make the appointment with Danielle! When she was at Pet Club their system allowed me to set up appointments and get reminders. Now that we work with her on her own that element is missing and I keep forgetting to set it up on my own calendar. Hmmm….. Perhaps I should do that once I am done with this! Continue reading Soft and clean and fluffy. Planning. Swimming.

Breakfast at Iron Works. Kerby and steps. Swimming.

Yummy Breakfast Quesadilla

We had breakfast at Iron Works Restaurant, the place we went to for the fish fry a week ago. I was pleased to learn they also serve breakfast, which is not surprising since they are at a golf course. I had checked out their menu online and wanted to try their Breakfast Quesadilla – it was great!┬áScrambled eggs, cheddar, diced ham, sausage or bacon, tomatoes, and onions, wrapped in a large tortilla. Elaine had oatmeal, as she so often does. And, of course, we ordered some link sausages to have some to take home for the boys. Continue reading Breakfast at Iron Works. Kerby and steps. Swimming.

Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

It took more than a half hour instead of the usual twenty minutes or so, but our volunteer team folding newsletters got the job done. We were short a couple of volunteers who were on vacation. This newsletter was more complicated to assemble because we had FOUR inserts and they had to be assembled in a specific order for a couple of them to work. But the team pulled it off! Continue reading Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

Rational me. Lunch at Denny’s. Newsletter published.

OurHous front
A familiar sight we’ll see no more

Today was the day – the day we dropped off our Phaeton at Sun City RV in Peoria for consignment sale. We have been preparing for this for several months, first by deciding whether to trade for a smaller motorhome and then, after learning how little we would get on trade-in, deciding to go the consignment route. We started the process casually maybe six months ago, when we began the process of removing items from the motorhome, but it got more serious about two months ago. We considered three different consignment dealers before deciding on Sun City RV. I’ll let you know when the listing appears. Continue reading Rational me. Lunch at Denny’s. Newsletter published.

Look back: North Little Rock AR. Elaine working crafts. Newsletter almost done. HVAC system checked.

The Old Mill
The Old Mill in North Little Rock AR. This mill building and all the associated structures were made of concrete though they look like wood, iron, or stone.

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] On December 1, 2011 Elaine and I made one of our visits to North Little Rock AR to visit Cousin Tony Violette and his wife, Kay. We’ve been there more than once because this is an attractive and easy area to visit. A highlight of any visit to the area is The Old Mill in T. R. Pugh Memorial Park. This is an authentic reproduction of an old water-powered grist mill was built in 1933 and designed to look old so it would appear as if it was built the 1800s. The park is decorated with sculptures of toadstools, tree stumps, and a tree branch-entwined bridge that connects the mill to the rest of the park. Senor Dionico Rodriguez, a sculptor and artist of Mexico City, was responsible for all the details of each piece of concrete work. Though things are made to look like wood, iron, or stone, they are all made of artistic concrete. The Old Mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Continue reading Look back: North Little Rock AR. Elaine working crafts. Newsletter almost done. HVAC system checked.

Heating up. Newsletter coming along.

temp forecast
Average temp this time of year is around 102-103. We’ll be warmer this week.

After a short period at or around normal temperatures we are experiencing a heating up period this week. Ask Kerby; he wants to go out around 4:00-4:30 in the afternoon but if the temp is over 103┬░ or so after peeing he also wants to come back in and then go for a walk later in the evening. Gizmo doesn’t care – he’ll go either way. So with a high of 108 today we did the short walk routine this afternoon. But except for a small chance of rain tomorrow we’ll stay dry. Continue reading Heating up. Newsletter coming along.