An assault on batteries. BB&B, Trader Joe’s, Costco shopping.

Powerpack Pro
The Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 does a good job of jump starting a car or small truck.

It is a given that the Sonoran Desert heat is hard on vehicles – especially wiper blades and batteries, but also tires. We have to replace wiper blades a couple times a year, for example. I reported yesterday that the engine batteries in our motorhome had quit; this morning when I went to start the Equinox it, too, had a dead battery. I was able to use my Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 to jump start the Equinox and I should have put it in the car after that.

Once I got past the immediate frustration of having dead batteries, I rationalized that it could have been expected. The motorhome engine batteries are the original batteries in that 2012 coach. The Equinox is a 2012 as well, and I don’t think we have replaced those batteries either. So all could have been expected to fail sometime soon.

Once I got the Equinox running we headed down the street and picked up Pete Petersen and headed out for some shopping.

First stop was Bed, Bath & Beyond where both Elaine and Pete bought a few items. Nothing I needed. The Equinox started fine after that stop.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s where we all bought some stuff. Trader Joe’s is always fun to shop in – seeing some different products we don’t see in Fry’s or other stores. The Equinox started fine after that stop.

The final stop was Costco near 19th Ave and Bethany Home Road. I did not go in, but when I tried to start the car in expectation of Elaine and Pete returning it was dead. I immediately called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and got jump start service on its way. That was when I SHOULD have been able to go to the rear of the car and gotten out the Powerpack to do my own jump start but since I had failed to take it with me that wasn’t possible. We arrived at Costco around 10:30 and it was around 11:30 when I made the call. Jump service was scheduled to arrive at 12:08; at 12:11 Good Sam called back to find out if they had arrived and when I reported they had not Good Sam put me on hold and checked with the service to see when they would be there and then reported back to me to expect them in about ten minutes. It turned out to be closer to 20 minutes, but did not take long once they arrived to get the car started again.

Interestingly, I sat in the Equinox in the Costco parking lot, in a space next to a walkway between parking lanes, with the hood up on the car for over 45 minutes before anyone stopped to ask if I needed help! And just as the Good Sam service showed up an AAA roving service stopped in the other lane as asked if I needed help. What timing!

Elaine and Pete came back to the car after the Costco shopping about five minutes after I called Good Sam and when I explained the situation they took advantage of the wait and headed to Walmart to do some more shopping and to pick up lunch. Elaine brought back an excellent turkey pastrami and cheese sandwich for me.

While I was waiting for the road service I also called Firestone Complete Auto Care at 19th Ave and Dunlap and made an appointment to bring the Equinox in at 2:00 to fix the electrical problem. As expected, they found it was the battery so I had them replace it.

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