Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

As you may recall, once we switched to LED lights on the golf cart the signal lights no longer worked properly. They come on but do not flash; they stay solid. Steve Fritts told me to get “low pass flashers” – the kind that will work with LEDs instead of incandescent. Incandescent bulbs have a resistance that LEDs do not. I went to O’Reilly’s a few days ago and was given a flasher unit that, while it said on the package “for incandescent bulbs only”, the sales guy assured me from his computer screen they would work with LEDs. Believe the package, fellow!

I returned those and exchanged them for another unit that he assured me would work with my LEDs, despite it saying on the package “for mixed incandescent and LEDs”. Guess what – the manufacturer once again knew what they were talking about. I took those back to O’Reilly today and returned them. When he asked if I wanted a different one I said I would go elsewhere.

On to AutoZone up the street. The clerk there had no idea what I was asking for, but showed me what they had in stock. I could not find anything there that even said anything about LEDs. I left.

I was going to try the CarQuest store back on Peoria but the store is empty, they having moved to a new location.

Then I did what I should have done from the start – I went on Amazon and within 30 seconds found exactly what I was looking for. I ordered it and it should be here Friday. I never learn. But I wanted to “shop locally”.

Yesterday I went to the PPL Motor Homes web site to investigate selling our Phaeton using consignment. PPL is the best-known in the country and has a good reputation. They do not sell RVs other than by consignment. They are sending a booklet on how the process works. I also received a phone call from them today with a little more information.

Today I looked into consignment companies locally and after reading reviews, etc, I went to the web site of AZ RV Supercenter in Mesa. I filled out a request form online and soon received a phone call from them. The fellow that called asked for more info about our Phaeton so I emailed him the pamphlet I put together last week.

We’ll see how those contacts go.

One thing Elaine always buys at Costco when she can find it is fresh halibut, and she was successful yesterday while there. So last night we had a halibut dinner and tonight we had it again. There is enough left over for yet one more meal. We both like halibut, but I think it is Elaine’s favorite fish. She included some Trader Joe’s Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables, heated in the toaster oven, and those were great as well. And so were the ciabatta slices from the roll we bought at Wildflower Baking Company on Saturday. We love ciabatta. All yum!

2 thoughts on “Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.”

  1. Dave, be sure to read independent reviews from sellers who used PPL. (I checked on Goggle) Many very negative. Buyers seem mostly happy, sellers not so much. They tend to sell below value & keep insisting you lower price ( which starts low to begin with). Also, you are responsible for all damages, even if their fault. Plus they keep billing you for cleaning fees, etc.
    We had our old HR Endeavor on a local lot on consignment after buying our Alpine. It was in great shape, we signed contract to sell at a low price, as we wanted quick sale. No action for 4 months. Finally we sent friends to pretend looking for a HR. Salesman pressured them to buy a similiar unit that they had taken in on trade. When friends insisted on looking at “that one”(they knew our unit), salesman said he was sure it was sold, had taken a deposit, & quoted price at 30% more than what we contracted for, saying owner was reluctant to take less. When we later confronted them, they denied all, said our friends were mistaken.
    We ended up listing it on CraigsList, got buyer in a few days, took buyer to lot, had to argue about price we agreed to sell it for (they got to keep all above our agreed sales price plus their 20%). Had to threaten calling legal action. Finally did sell to CL buyer, had to pay the 20% fee, but were glad to be done with that dealer ( who has great reputation in this area).
    Wishing you the very best, just offering some “words to the wise”.

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