Kerby, relaxed. Monsoon weather.

Kerby in dog bed
Now that is relaxed! Kerby in his dog bed

Kerby is a pretty laid-back sort of fellow most of the time. You will often see him laying back beside the couch near Elaine’s chair or on the floor under the bar chairs behind my chair. Sometimes he will be laying on the floor under the window beside my chair or on the rug in front of the couch. We keep a dog bed on the living room floor near the office door, and Gizmo will often use this but Kerby uses it more often. In fact, that is where he usually sleeps at night. But today I just had to take the photo at right, showing Kerby in a very relaxed mode.

Storm clouds to the north – Cave Creek is going to get it

The towering clouds started building this afternoon; they were awesome to watch as they shifted and formed while we were in the pool. Later the black clouds started to build and about 4:30 we were hearing thunder not far off. So far we have no rain here in Royal Palm, but on TV we could see that the storms went all around us. At this point all outgoing flights at Sky Harbor have been held and only a few incoming flights are allowed in. They have been showing videos of flooded storm systems at Terminal 4, with water gushing up from manholes in the street.

TV screen shot showing traffic on US 60 at Mill Ave restricted from six lanes to one due to flooded highway

US 60, which connects Mesa and Phoenix and passes through the East Valley, has many depressed sections where other streets cross over and some of these depressions became flooded during the storm. All of them have pumps to get rid of the accumulated water, but the pumps just couldn’t keep up with the incoming flows. In fact, on TV they are calling this the heaviest storm of the current monsoon season so far. The latest report of rainfall amounts are from 1.22 to 1.89 inches; these amounts fell in an hour or less.

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