Gizmo cutie. New batteries.

Gizmo on lap
Sometimes Gizmo will lay on my lap, but is more likely to be found on Elaine’s

I had a piece on Kerby a few days ago, so thought I would give Gizmo a turn today. Unlike Kerby, Gizmo is not camera-shy and will usually let me take his photo. However, he is easily distracted by anything that sounds like food or a package being opened so if you want him to stay for a photo you make sure not to have those noises going on. Gizmo loves being close to us and to sit in a lap or beside us in our recliners. He snuggles in close between us and the arm of our chair. But he can often be found curled up on the couch or in the dog bed on the floor.

Gizmo repose
Gizmo in repose in Elaine’s chair
Gizmo alert
“Hey, did I hear someone open food?”

Gizmo may rest briefly, but he is quick to come alert if he hears someone approach the front door or if he hears one of us open a bag in the kitchen; it just might be food, you know!

The replacement engine batteries came for the motorhome today, delivered and installed by The Battery Guy. $135 each for two batteries plus $75 installation and disposal of the old. This company most usually works on golf carts, but will also do motorhomes. The strap that holds the batteries in place in our Phaeton has hex screws smaller than what they usually work with, though, so I had to go back to the house and get a rachet wrench kit to help him out.

It was so nice to have the engine start right off once the new batteries were in. And the generator started right off as well. I should have no problem running them now for as long as we have the coach.

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