“Awful” House. Still no flashers.

We got a surprise visit by son John Ogden today. He posted on Facebook yesterday that he was in Panguitch UT and expected to be in Phoenix today to take his Mom for breakfast; he knows we always go out for breakfast on Saturdays. Then he contacted Elaine late yesterday that his truck was late in getting loaded and he would not arrive in Phoenix until late so would not see us until today. Elaine called him about 8:00 this morning – no answer. Again around 8:20 – no answer. Then she left a message around 8:45 that unless we heard from him by 9:00 we would head out on our own.

We did that, and went to First Watch but had no sooner than got seated when she got a call from John. He decided rather than waiting to get together for lunch it would be better for breakfast. So we bowed out of First Watch and headed to 83rd Ave and Buckeye, where he was parked in a secure truck yard. We then headed north on 83rd Ave and found a Waffle House at McDowell and went to that.

It has been a number of years since we were in a Waffle House, and will be even longer before we go to another. Half of the food prep area is in the same space as the eating area, so the noise is cacophonous. There are a few tables that seat four and others that seat two, and these are arranged on each side of the single aisle. By that time of day it was also very busy, though we were able to quickly get a seat. The food was good, but the atmosphere not so good.

It was good to see John, even though the visit was short. He had to pick up a load just after noon and will be heading to Illinois, if I remember correctly.

Remember the problem we have been having with signal lights not working on our golf cart since switching to LED lights? Well, it continues! I tried two different flasher units I bought at O’Reilly’s and neither of them worked. I then ordered another from Amazon that said it was intended to work with LEDs – it didn’t. I did some more research online and ran into an article that MAY explain the problem. There were two LED flasher units on Amazon and I chose the one without a ground wire because the old flasher did not have a ground wire. Pete installed the latest unit and we were disappointed that it did not work. Perhaps I should have bought the one with a ground wire. I’ve done that now and we’ll see if that works. Frustrating!

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