Elaine skin check – OK. Warming up. Adding earlier stories.

Elaine had her annual skin check at AZ Dermatology today, and got a good report. Nothing needed attention. Come back in a year. That’s good news. Since daughter Shauna was recently treated (successfully) for melanoma, Elaine mentioned this to her doctor and was told that while melanoma can be hereditary it can come from either side of the family. No signs of it for her, thank goodness!

We are experiencing a warming spell due to a high pressure area stalled over Arizona. We saw 109° today and expect even higher over the next day or so; average temp at this time is around 104°. This weather is a break from monsoon conditions. Dew points have dropped from the 60s last week to the 40s this week, and we like the drier air – it feels good! The monsoon moisture will probably return by this weekend.

I have been adding earlier stories to this web site since I wrote about it last week. So far I am up to the beginning of September 2016, from late October 2016 when I moved this blog to a WordPress platform. I work at it an hour or so most days. No rush or deadline.

Elaine got back from her doctor appointment in time to still go swimming this afternoon, but I had to pass on it. Instead I drove a neighbor to a doctor appointment. I should be back at it tomorrow.

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