Box for Copic pens. More office organizers. Hotter.

smaller box
This is one of the smaller boxes in which Elaine stores Copic pens

Elaine has been keeping her Copic pens in some plastic boxes that will hold about 144 pens. She has two and they are mostly full so she needs more storage. She recently found and ordered a larger box, about 11×15 inches in size, that will hold ALL her Copic pens plus more that she hasn’t bought yet. This new box will hold 406 pens. She thinks it will be easier to carry the single box and have all her colors available when she goes to a class. And she has A LOT of Copic pens – more than 250 of them, in fact!

Yesterday she started loading her Copic pens in the new box. It comes with a plastic grid that holds the pens separate, and there are two levels of grid so the pens stand vertically. She had quite a few loaded, carefully organized by color groups, when she lost a pen cap down inside the box and when she tried to get it out all of the pens fell out of the array. Oops! She quickly discovered that with the original design you cannot lift the array without losing pens. We discussed it and decided it would be easy to add a solid plastic sheet under the bottom grid so the whole could be lifted out without losing the pens.

Gizmo in basket
Gizmo, my shopping buddy, in a shopping basket at The Home Depot

Today I bought a sheet of Plexiglas at The Home Depot for this project. I carefully cut a piece out the size needed and carefully measured where the four holes needed to be to attach it at the bottom of the grid system. I even compensated for the difference in offset for the bolts from the edges on one long side of the grid versus the other. And when I tried attaching the new plastic to the bottom of the system it did not fit! With all my careful work and measuring, I failed to cut the plastic sheet square! So now I will have to (more) carefully cut a new piece from the plastic sheet and start over.

Elaine headed to Costco and Walmart again today. She wanted to get second desk organizer like the one I showed you last week, as well as a different unit to put under her desk top. We’ll see how those work out for her!

It got a little hotter today – up to 108° (normal 104°) – and it will be hotter tomorrow.

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