78 is fine. Thank you, Elaine.

Today was my 78th birthday! Honestly, I don’t feel that old, though I am not sure what 78 should feel like. I tried today to think back to others I have known who were this age. When my grandparents reached 78 (those who did) I was no longer living in New England so I didn’t see them in those years. When my parents turned 78 I also did not live in NH but I did get to see them every year or so. They were both active in those years and while Mom had slowed down some Dad was very vibrant and in control. They set a good example for me.

I saw a little of Mom and Dad’s siblings also during those years, but what I was able to see showed some excellent additional examples of what 78 might be. I am fortunate to come from a couple of sturdy lines who, for the most part, survived well. Dad was 97 when he died, Mom 96. And most of the siblings also lived into their 80s and 90s.

So I am looking forward to many more years and they may well be good ones!

Dave and Elaine
Me and my favorite person – my wife Elaine

One of the best reasons to live long is my wife Elaine. I am very fortunate to have met her and fortunate that she thought I was worth connecting with. We have been married for over 32 years now; a second for her and a fourth for me. But it is a last for both of us. She brings so much value and joy to my life! I told her today that I have enjoyed being retired since it gave me more time to spend with her! And many of those post-retirement years were spent living in a 40-foot motorhome, so there was a lot of togetherness! We have learned how to live in close proximity and still respect the other and their personality.

Black Angus Steakhouse emblem on a glass

Elaine took me out tonight for a birthday dinner, to the place of my choice. I chose Black Angus Steakhouse. This is one of my favorite places to eat because they have excellent food and the place is more reserved and quiet. All seating is in booths, so there is a fair amount of privacy.

My rib eye steak with lobster tail dinner

Black Angus was offering an Atlantic lobster tail with any steak choice, so we each ordered a steak; Elaine a sirloin, me a rib eye. Notice that I (and they) said Atlantic lobster tail. That is significant, since though the Maine coast is in the Atlantic there are many lobsters in the Atlantic that are NOT Maine lobsters. And there is a significant difference in taste and texture. Atlantic lobsters, or rock lobsters, are tougher in texture and not as sweet as Maine lobsters. But we still enjoyed the lobster tails we had. We had lots of steak to bring home as leftovers.

One thought on “78 is fine. Thank you, Elaine.”

  1. Oops, sorry I missed your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I had it on my calendar, but the day just went by too fast.

    The clawless lobster is known in France as Langouste.

    The so-called Maine lobster is fished in the Gulf of Maine, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and New Brunswick. It is known as the American lobster.
    In Canada we don’t call it Maine lobster, but name it from where it is caught. i.e. New Brunswick lobster or Nova Scotia lobster etc.
    The Maritimes harvested 74,686 tonnes for $680.5 million dollars.
    Maine harvested 58,060 tons for $503 million.

    Lobster season starts on the NE coast of New Brunswick on Mother’s Day.
    McDonald’s sells great lobster rolls

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