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Elaine attended the bi-monthly Women On The Go luncheon event today. That’s an informal group of women from Royal Palm that go out for lunch once every couple of months. This month about 18 of them went to a Sizzler restaurant at W Indian School Rd here in Phoenix. Many carpooled; Elaine rode with Suzanne Fitchett and Mary McDougale. I understand the event went well. Elaine had a burger and brought about half of it home, to the delight of Kerby and Gizmo!

I started work on the September Royal Palm newsletter this morning. I always start by copying the previous month’s file and renaming it as a starting point. Then I make the month name changes, adjust the monthly calendar, and clear out the puzzle letters hidden in stories from that previous month. Then I review what ads need to go in this month’s issue; we have one advertiser that runs his ad every other month. And I move around the three full page color ads. These go on the back cover and the inside of both the front and back covers. I swap locations for these three every month so each gets a different exposure each month. While reviewing the spreadsheet where I keep the advertiser info I also check to see which ones are due for renewal and make plans to contact the advertiser to see if they want to renew. Some advertisers elect to run month-to-month while others take advantage of our pay-for-five-get-sixth-free offer.

Much of the content is reportage on Social Club activities, news, and needs. I won’t do those pieces until shortly before and after the monthly Social Club meeting. There are three articles I prepare from scratch each month: Royal Palm SpotlightSenior Resources, and Tech Tidbits. These I research and can prepare in advance, so I don’t have to do them at the last minute. The Spotlight story requires an interview with some resident of Royal Palm, selected for their probable interest to residents. Each of those three articles is a full page or more.

I’ll be doing a lot of work on the newsletter over the next week or so.

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