A chair and float boards did the trick. Newsletter ad sales.

Remember I said yesterday I can’t get the dressing wet on the surgery site on my back? I still wanted to go to the pool to at least enjoy the sun and water and company. When I first got there I tried sitting on the pool steps and was able to sit high enough to keep the wound above water. But I soon found that this exposed my skin above water to the hot sun and I worried about sunburn. Never had that problem when totally immersed! But Elaine came to my rescue with a solution.

She suggested that I move a pool chair into the shaded area of the pool and sit there. I moved the chair but found that I just barely kept the dressing above water. She solved that, too, by getting two small float boards and putting them under my butt on the chair. That sat me high enough. It was a challenge, though, because the flotation force of two boards under me forced me to have to “sit heavy” so I did not float. Good idea! Tomorrow I will use only one flotation board, though.

I spent some time this morning visiting some newsletter advertisers getting them to renew their ads. For the most part these are ones who pay for five months in advance (they get the sixth month free), so I don’t have to do this often. I also made a couple of phone contacts with advertisers and sent out some invoices by email. This is not the part of the newsletter job I like!

I also did some more work on the newsletter itself.

I was surprised to find that the Royal Palm web site (RoyalPalmSocialClub.com) was not working this afternoon. I tried to contact Arvixe Tech Support but could not get through. I’ll try again tonight and maybe they won’t be as busy.

I also went to the Violette Family Association web site (VioletteFamily.org) to start a story and was not able to log in to the admin area. I contacted HostGator Tech Support via chat and the tech was able to pinpoint the problem and make a temporary fix so I was able to get in. The problem was some outdated plugins and once I did all the updates everything was fine. Quite a difference in response between HostGator and Arvixe!

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