Lattice buckling. Board meeting. Consignment selling.

panel edge
This shows both the wire I used to tighten the panel to the post as well as one of the places where the panel has broken loose

The south side of our patio has a plastic lattice wall made using panels attached to the aluminum awning support frame. This provides some privacy and shade while still allowing free air flow. But we have noticed that the lattice panels are buckling with the heat and the edge of one panel has totally broken loose from its fastener screws. Aside from looking bad I was concerned that the unfastened panel could easily break in the wind. So today I used some stainless steel wire to fasten that loose edge to the post.

I am not certain why the panels are buckling and why this particular one has buckled to a greater extent than the others. They all have similar sun exposure. I considered whether the screws for this panel are closer to the outside edge than on others but don’t find that to be the case.

If you look closely you can see some outward buckling in the lattice panels.

I am not sure what material those lattice panels are made from but I think it is vinyl. Vinyl has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than does aluminum, so it will expand and shrink to a greater extent than will the aluminum posts to which they are fastened. I read an online installation guide that suggested using vinyl channels to attach the edges to allow for movement and also suggested drilling oversize holes for the attaching screws. They also caution about not tightening the fasteners too tight, to allow for movement. I suspect that our problem is overtight screws plus not having oversize holes. At some point I will probably go through and loosen the screws and may drill oversize holes. But the panels may be permanently buckled now since they have been in place for a couple of years.

This is Social Club meeting week which starts with a Board meeting on Thursday, which we attended this morning. The Club meeting comes on Saturday.

I committed today to have our motorhome sold under consignment at Sun City RV and made arrangements to deliver it on Tuesday.

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