Iron Works – all you can eat fish fry. Making final arrangements. Funny Gizmo.

fish fry
Here’s the group from Royal Palm at the Iron Works restaurant

Wayne Moderson suggested to Bill Russell and others a trip to IronWorks restaurant at Bellair Golf Course near 45th Ave and W Bell Road. Wayne has been there many times and suggested the Friday night All You Can Eat Fish Fry. Others latched onto the idea when it was raised at the pool earlier this week and twelve of us headed there tonight. It was well worth going for! The fish was excellent – it was Alaskan Pollock. I had the fish and Elaine had their Chicken Fried Chicken, which was a huge meal with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

My meal started off with three pieces of fish; I ate two and brought one home. Others ordered additional fish and I ended up with another couple of pieces to take home as well. Others that ordered fish also proclaimed it to be good. Elaine liked her chicken but the gravy had too much pepper in it for her. Sharlene Froberg ordered a burger and it was impressive; she also said it was delicious.

It turns out that IronWorks also has an All You Can Eat Fish Fry on Tuesday nights as well as All You Can Eat BBQ Ribs on Thursdays. We’ll have to try that sometime.

I spent some time making final arrangements for taking our motorhome to Sun City RV for consignment on Tuesday. I arranged for insurance to be added for driving the motorhome to the dealer; we only have comprehensive while it is in storage and we will return to that status once it is at the dealer for they have insurance for when it is being test driven. I also canceled the account for satellite Internet service as well as the SiriusXM service. Sun City RV gave me a form to fill out with information about our motorhome and I filled that out and sent it to them by email. We are getting closer to getting it done.

Gizmo sitting
Gizmo in a funny position sitting on my chair

Gizmo and Kerby are always getting into strange and funny positions around the house. I had been in the office working and came into the living room to find Gizmo in the strange position you see in the photo at left. When I came in he was sleeping with his head on the chair arm, but by the time I got my phone camera in place he had picked it up. So cute!

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  1. Hi Dave and Elaine,
    We are sorry you are selling the RV, but maybe if you get a smaller one you mite come back thru Arkansas, cause we would love to see you both and the boys. I love your stories, Kay and Lou ask about you folks often.
    Take Care

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