Heating up. Newsletter coming along.

temp forecast
Average temp this time of year is around 102-103. We’ll be warmer this week.

After a short period at or around normal temperatures we are experiencing a heating up period this week. Ask Kerby; he wants to go out around 4:00-4:30 in the afternoon but if the temp is over 103° or so after peeing he also wants to come back in and then go for a walk later in the evening. Gizmo doesn’t care – he’ll go either way. So with a high of 108 today we did the short walk routine this afternoon. But except for a small chance of rain tomorrow we’ll stay dry.

I did more work on the Royal Palm newsletter today, getting it ready to publish later this week. I got in some ads for this issue and only have a pair of quarter page ads still to come. All of the text has been done and will be ready for proofreading tomorrow.

Today I mostly worked on newsletter layout. Our Activities Chair wants to have some advance info about a potential trip this fall and this requires adding two color pages to the newsletter. Since I already have two pages of color ads, this means four insert color pages (two sheets, front and back). This required some rearrangement of other content to compensate and I will end up with another two insert black and white pages to be able to get the rest of the content to work out properly in four-page folios. This is fairly easy to do with Microsoft Publisher, the tool I use for the newsletter.

Pete Petersen and I went over to the motorhome this morning to remove a couple of items I could not do myself. I was going to remove the towbar but decided while there to leave it. Later today I changed my mind and tomorrow morning we will go over and remove that. We can still use that towbar should we buy another motorhome in the future, or it could be sold separately at any time.

Elaine spent an hour or so doing a thorough cleaning in the house this morning. This included dusting, sweeping, and floor washing. I had to reattach one floating shelf in the bedroom that had come loose due to the way it was installed. After a short rest she headed to the shed and did a major rearrangement of stuff there. We need to make room to store the stuff we brought from the motorhome until we can sort it out. Her work today consolidated some items in the shed, making room to add more.

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