Look back: North Little Rock AR. Elaine working crafts. Newsletter almost done. HVAC system checked.

The Old Mill
The Old Mill in North Little Rock AR. This mill building and all the associated structures were made of concrete though they look like wood, iron, or stone.

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] On December 1, 2011 Elaine and I made one of our visits to North Little Rock AR to visit Cousin Tony Violette and his wife, Kay. We’ve been there more than once because this is an attractive and easy area to visit. A highlight of any visit to the area is The Old Mill in T. R. Pugh Memorial Park. This is an authentic reproduction of an old water-powered grist mill was built in 1933 and designed to look old so it would appear as if it was built the 1800s. The park is decorated with sculptures of toadstools, tree stumps, and a tree branch-entwined bridge that connects the mill to the rest of the park. Senor Dionico Rodriguez, a sculptor and artist of Mexico City, was responsible for all the details of each piece of concrete work. Though things are made to look like wood, iron, or stone, they are all made of artistic concrete. The Old Mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We stayed at the RV park owned and operated by the City of North Little Rock and set along the Arkansas River. Our spaces faced the river and we had wonderful views of Little Rock across the river as well as a couple of bridges, one old and one newer. Night lights sparkled on the river and above to make the scene magical. Visits with Tony and Kay were always great!

The paper crafts artist’s workbench

Elaine was busy at her desk much of the day, working on cards and also some other paper craft projects. She makes great use of her custom desk, where she has room for her equipment (such as the Cricut diecut machine) and tools and supplies. She always has one or more projects going!

I worked a lot on the newsletter today, bringing it to almost being done. I printed out four copies for reviewers and delivered them; I have three reviews back now and not many changes to make. Still waiting for one quarter page ad, though. If not here I will have to go without it since the newsletter has to go to the printer tomorrow morning before we leave for Sun City RV.

Pete Petersen helped me remove the towbar from the motorhome this morning. I have been vacillating about this and finally decided to not sell it with the motorhome.

SMW Refrigeration & Heating came by today to perform the semi-annual service on our HVAC system. All has been running well so nothing to report there. I was chided, however, to change the filters more regularly!


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