Rational me. Lunch at Denny’s. Newsletter published.

OurHous front
A familiar sight we’ll see no more

Today was the day – the day we dropped off our Phaeton at Sun City RV in Peoria for consignment sale. We have been preparing for this for several months, first by deciding whether to trade for a smaller motorhome and then, after learning how little we would get on trade-in, deciding to go the consignment route. We started the process casually maybe six months ago, when we began the process of removing items from the motorhome, but it got more serious about two months ago. We considered three different consignment dealers before deciding on Sun City RV. I’ll let you know when the listing appears.

We decided on the way home on our last trip last fall that this was a good way for us to go. We are not using the motorhome often and don’t expect to in the coming years. But we still have to make the monthly payments, keep the insurance and registration in force, and pay the monthly storage fees. Just those items alone add to up about $1,500 a year – payable whether we use the motorhome or not. At first we thought we might swap our 40-foot diesel pusher for a smaller Class C motorhome that was paid for, thus removing the major part of that annual cost (about $1,100). And we may still do that once the Phaeton has sold.

Dave and OurHous
Rational me, standing beside OurHous as we left it at Sun City RV for sale

All this makes sense to the “rational me”. However, I really loved motorhome life and enjoyed most every aspect of it. I enjoyed having the Phaeton as our only home for several years (and the Itasca Sunrise before that) and enjoyed the travel planning, the setup and takedown, the driving, adding custom features, and so on. I was proud of our Phaeton and got a chuckle from being fulltimers.

We made the decision to stop being fulltimers in the spring of 2015, when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and we knew we would be set in Phoenix for several hot summer months. We always knew that day would come, and had already decided we wanted to live in Royal Palm, where we had been wintering since 2010, when that time came. And Elaine was tiring of being on the move so much; this made it hard for her to enjoy her crafting hobby. We had told each other when we started that once the day came that one of us wanted to stop being fulltimers the other would respect that. I was probably ready as well.

OurHous at Sun City RV
My last view of OurHous, left in the yard at Sun City RV

So though the decision to sell our motorhome came from rational reasons and makes a lot of sense to us financially, I have to admit it was a tough drive for me taking the motorhome to Sun City RV this morning. And it was tough to walk away from it, leaving it in the yard there.

Denny's lunch
Our lunch at Denny’s. Very generous, very tasty

It was 1:00 when we left Sun City RV and long past time for lunch. So we stopped at the first restaurant we came to along Grand Avenue – a Denny’s. Elaine ordered an avocado bacon cheeseburger while I had Prime Rib Philly Melt. Both were very tasty. I ate about ¼ of my sandwich but should have only had about 1/6th. We brought the leftovers home and both had some for supper tonight. Neither of us got fries with our meal; I got cottage cheese instead.

September The Palm Press
Cover of the September issue of The Palm Press. Click image to download.

I got the final ad in this morning about 9:30 and quickly finished the Royal Palm newsletter and headed to UPS for printing. This issue is 26 pages long – longer than usual – due to some added pages for an upcoming potential event this fall. And this issue has more color; in addition to both sides of the front and back pages there are also four color insert pages. Fortunately there has been enough ad revenue to more than cover this added cost this month. I published it electronically late this afternoon and paper copies will be distributed tomorrow.

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