Let’s deliver. Ear, ear!

It took more than a half hour instead of the usual twenty minutes or so, but our volunteer team folding newsletters got the job done. We were short a couple of volunteers who were on vacation. This newsletter was more complicated to assemble because we had FOUR inserts and they had to be assembled in a specific order for a couple of them to work. But the team pulled it off!

The couple who were on vacation deliver to the longest route, so that got handed off to someone else for this month. The total number of newsletters delivered was around 300; there are also a number that get theirs via email. Jo Elmore took the doublewide area instead of her usual A and E Streets, and Elaine and Mary McDougale did A, B, D, and E Streets. Melody Murphy did C Street, and Bill Russell and Vaneddie Jones did the RV section; both routes are the usual ones for those folks.

Now that the newsletter was done we got to do some other things that had been waiting all week. I got a haircut at El Monte Barber Shop this morning, then this afternoon Elaine dropped me off at FastMed on Peoria while she headed to Michael’s and Staples. She got done sooner than I did. I went in because of deep wax in my ears. I seem to have to do this every couple of years, and this has been going on for 50 years or so. The wax gets embedded deep and the only way to extract it is to use a softener and then use irrigation to “blast” it out. As the nurse was blasting it out she showed me the results in the little basin that captures the flush so I could see the progress. Elaine asked to see the results once, and only once. The face she made when she saw the gunk was laughable and graphic! I have tried using ear wax removal aids but with little success.

Our temp hit 108° today and is likely to be another degree or so higher over the weekend.

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