Breakfast at Iron Works. Kerby and steps. Swimming.

Yummy Breakfast Quesadilla

We had breakfast at Iron Works Restaurant, the place we went to for the fish fry a week ago. I was pleased to learn they also serve breakfast, which is not surprising since they are at a golf course. I had checked out their menu online and wanted to try their Breakfast Quesadilla Рit was great! Scrambled eggs, cheddar, diced ham, sausage or bacon, tomatoes, and onions, wrapped in a large tortilla. Elaine had oatmeal, as she so often does. And, of course, we ordered some link sausages to have some to take home for the boys.

pond view
Our table had a view of the pond on the golf course outside

The restaurant was fairly empty when we arrived so we had a good choice of tables. The restaurant looks out over the golf course and the most prominent feature near the restaurant is a large pond. We selected a table so we could look out over the pond and watch the ducks and geese swimming and on the shore. It was a great scene and very relaxing. We rarely get such a setting for breakfast. Our server asked if we had one of their bonus cards and gave us one when we said we did not. They check off each meal ordered and when you have had ten you get $7 off your next meal. Since we expect to go back there it is worth having.

One sign that Kerby is getting older is that he is struggling going up stairs. I have been watching carefully to try to determine what is the problem, and think I may have come to the conclusion his sight is weakening. When going down our front steps he hesitates on the top three and then leaps over the bottom one. Going up he usually runs right up quickly. But a couple of times when he has gone out the doggy door to the back he has stood at the bottom of the steps and barked to come in. The first time I thought he was bothered by a rug that had blown down on the top step but he did it again after that was removed. I checked and the distance from the ground to the bottom step was not different from the rise of the steps. I wondered if it was a sight problem so I attached some black electrical tape to the leading edge of each step to provide more contrast. This seems to help. Today I took him out the back door once during the day, once at dusk, and once after dark to see if the ambient light made a difference. The porch light is on at night, so the step area is lighted. At the night test he hesitated again but not on the the others. Tomorrow I will modify the lighting to give more illumination directly on the steps to see if that helps. Aside from the discomfort for Kerby, I don’t want him outside barking and disturbing our neighbor on that side.

I had missed a couple of days of swimming due to being elsewhere in the afternoon so was glad to get back to it today. I will have two more days that I can swim before we head to Wyoming for a few days.


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