Soft and clean and fluffy. Planning. Swimming.

This was maintenance bathing day for Kerby and Gizmo and we took them to Danielle at 11:00 this morning. About two hours later they were ready and smelling great again. They get a little heavy smelling when it is time for grooming or bath and this last period was one week longer – four weeks instead of the usual three – because I forgot to make the appointment with Danielle! When she was at Pet Club their system allowed me to set up appointments and get reminders. Now that we work with her on her own that element is missing and I keep forgetting to set it up on my own calendar. Hmmm….. Perhaps I should do that once I am done with this!

We are starting to get ready for our upcoming Wyoming trip. Clearing old stuff from the refrigerator, getting laundry done, doing some shopping. I went to Hi Health this afternoon to stock up on some supplements and dropped Elaine off at Walmart and picked her up after.

This afternoon we got to go swimming. I hadn’t been for a couple of days and it felt good to be back. What will feel even BETTER is when I can return to actually swimming again. I have had to keep the surgical wound out of pool water the last two weeks but the stitches come out tomorrow and I hope it has healed enough for me to resume actually swimming. In the interim I have simply walked from side to side in the pool, in water deep enough to provide some resistance but shallow enough to not soak the wound.

Other than that I mostly rested today. It’s always good to take a break once the newsletter is out.

Oh yes, time for me to set up the grooming schedule on my calendar!

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