Wound infected. Running around. Still high temps.

I went back to Arizona Dermatology this morning for a two-week check on the surgical would and for stitches removal. This was where I had a cyst removed. They discovered that it had become infected and was not healing, so I am still with a bandage for another week or so. She asked how I had been treating it and when I mentioned Neosporin, she made a dismayed sound and said to never use Neosporin. Apparently it can affect some people negatively, as perhaps it did me. I do have to admit that I did not provide the proper care, however. The care instructions got buried on my desk and I just found them again four days ago and was surprised by some of the things I should have been doing. I will do them now.

So now I have a prescription for antibiotic and have to continue dressing the wound for at least another week. At least with us going away I will not have the pool to contend with; I continued to use the pool, just keeping that part of my body above water. But we won’t have an opportunity to swim for the next week.

Today was a running around day for me.

I had to go to our vet to get eye drops for Gizmo; we were almost out and I did not know if there was enough to last while we were gone.

I had to fuel the car and get the tires aired in prep for travel tomorrow.

I had to drop off a cancellation notice at the office for the storage space we have used for our motorhome. We’ll need it no more. As a point of interest, this will be the first time since 2006 that we have not had a storage space at Royal Palm. We used to store our motorhome there long before we went fulltime in late 2010.

I made a recycle run today for us and for a neighbor down the street.

And I delivered a missing newsletter page to a resident whose newsletter did not have it.

We have had 23 days this year with temperatures over 110°, and Phoenix is due for a few more this week. Today it got to 111°, but it should start cooling down to normal temperatures in the 104-105° range for this time of year. Probably the monsoon is almost over.


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