On our way to WY.

halfway tree
I use this tree about ten miles north of Panguitch UT on US 89 as a halfway marker on our trips to Rock Springs WY.

We left home around 8:30 this morning – the first time. We got about 20 minutes out when I realized I forgot to pack my shirts. I had been heading to the bedroom to get them this morning when I got distracted by something else and I never got the shirt task done. So back we went, retrieving the shirts, and also allowing Elaine to do something SHE forgot. So that put us effectively on the road about 45 minutes later than we hoped.

We still made good time and were not late arriving at our interim destination. We followed I-17 to Flagstaff then took US 89 north through Panguitch UT. This is our usual route; it is the fastest and the shortest. We could have gone through Las Vegas and picked up I-15 there, but this route takes UT 20 from out of Panguitch and joins up with I-15 about 15 miles south of Beaver.

The halfway point in the trip is about ten miles north of Panguitch, so we could have stayed in Panguitch. We hit there around 5 PM or so and decided to continue on the 40 miles or so to Beaver.

We’re staying at Comfort Inn & Suites; we have stayed here before. We had dinner tonight at Timberline Restaurant; we usually have supper there when in Beaver because it is a good restaurant. Tonight we shared a salmon and shrimp dish.

For the most part the trip went fine. There were a couple of construction zones on US89 with oneway traffic. The worst part was about twenty cars with California plates in various places heading in the same direction we were but that drove erratically – first slow then faster. I had to pass them all in order to remain sane. This was over a distance of 50 miles or more. I hate when people speed up in a passing zone, making it difficult to pass, only to slow down again once out of the zone. I drive using cruise control and prefer to keep a steady uniform speed.

We had a little rain shower at one point but it didn’t last long. We could see storms in the distance all around us, though.

We made a stop a Cordes Jct, north of Phoenix, for a pit stop. Another stop in Flagstaff to get some water and a pit stop. We had both brought sandwiches with us so we ate them on the go. Another stop in Page AZ for fuel and snack and pit stop. Then on into Beaver.

Kerby and Gizmo are not traveling with us on this trip. We are staying with Destry and Rachel in an AirBNB house they rented in Rock Springs and pets are not allowed. We usually have Mary McDougale stay with them, but she is still recovering from her ankle injury so can’t come to our house. So we made an arrangement with one of the boys favorite people – Pete Petersen – to come by several times a day. He will feed them, walk them, and just be with them. It was very difficult for us to leave the boys alone like this, but we hope they won’t be too lonely under the circumstances. It was hard leaving them this morning; Gizmo knew something was going on and looked worried. That made it even tougher! Kerby did not act that way, but he also seemed apprehensive. Kerby is tough to read, however.

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