In Wyoming. Lots of family. This Old House.

The house where we are staying for this visit

We arrived in Wyoming around noon today, leaving Beaver UT around 8:30. Elaine had been in touch with Destry and Rachel and we knew they were somewhere behind us. They had flown into Salt Lake City this morning, rented a car, and headed up. They had their lunch on the way so we stopped at JB’s in Evanston for our lunch. After that they got a little ahead of us, but we were both heading to the same place. Destry had rented a house under AirBNB for the weekend and we were going to stay there with them.

Elaine and Cora at river
Elaine and Cora exploring by the Green River

But then Destry found out they could not take the house for about an hour after we would arrive in the area so we had to find something to do in the interim. Elaine and I headed to Expedition Island in Green River and the others joined us there after looking up Destry’s brother Shane at his work site. We were surprised to find Shane’s wife, Johnna, at the park on Expedition Island so we got to see her for a bit. She was there helping her father prepare for catering some gathering.

Destry and Rachel’s kids – Cora and Cody, the three-year-old twins – had a ball in the park. We sat at a picnic pavilion right next to the Green River and chatted for a while, then they went to a play area there in the park.

Shauna with her Rottweiller Rosie.

In the meantime Elaine and I headed to Shauna’s house to see her. It was tricky getting to her front door because they are having concrete work done out front, but we were able to get through walking on the dirt. Shauna showed us around her “tiny house”, which is actually a normal-sized duplex. But compared with the huge house they had been living in the last few years and recently sold, it sure is smaller. Casey came home shortly after, so we got to visit with him as well.

The beautiful quilt Shauna made for me

Shauna surprised me with a belated birthday gift – a handmade quilt with an aeronautical theme in blues. Shauna is a quilt maker and has her own long-arm quilting machine. She does such excellent work on these quilts!

Then it was time to head to the rental house in Rock Springs. Destry and family were already there and had started getting settled in. We soon had our stuff in our room as well. This house is an old one, probably built in the 1930s or 40s, but is well made and comfortable. It, too, is smaller than modern houses.

Rachel, Cora, Cody
Rachel with Cora and Cody at dinner

Later we headed to Green River to meet up with Casey and Shauna at The Hitching Post restaurant for supper. We continued with a good visit there, after which we returned to the house in Rock Springs and settled in for the night.

We were all tired from our respective travels, so no one stayed up very late.

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