Biker ladies. Grandkid time. Fun family dinner at Sapporo’s.

Elaine and Shauna on Harley
Elaine and Shauna on Shauna’s Harley

After Shauna finished her crossfit session this morning I took Elaine to meet up with her so she could go to Green River and Shauna could do her nails. Then she called for me to pick her up around noon and we went to Don Pedro’s for lunch. I drove our Equinox to the restaurant, but Elaine rode with Shauna on the back of her motorcycle – a big red Harley named Ruby. I think she enjoyed the ride, and I know Shauna enjoyed having her Mom on her bike!

Elaine and Cora
Elaine and Cora using Elaine’s tablet

Back to the house in Rock Springs after lunch. Destry and Rachel had taken the kids to a local park in the morning and they were napping in recovery. But soon they were up and active – very active – and keeping all the adults on their toes. We forget just how active three-year-old can be! But there were also some quiet times, such as what is portrayed with Cora and Grandma playing with Grandma’s tablet.

group at Sapporo's
The group of us at the table at Sapporo’s. Seated: Rachel, Cody, Destry, and Cora; Shane and Johnna; Shauna and Casey. Standig: Elaine, John, and Dave.
flames at table
Part of the food prep drama. Note Cody on the left with eyes wide open and Cora hiding close to Uncle Shane. She was not sure she liked all the flames!
The servings were generous – these are my leftovers

The highlight of the day, however, was our dinner at Sapporo’s, a Japanese-style restaurant where the food is prepared at your table. Those venues are always loud and active, with lots of drama on the part of the chef while preparing the food. Some of the group had never been to one of these before and others had not been for a long time (as in 33 years, when we took the kids to a Benihana in downtown Boston on a visit to New England). Of course it was the first time for the little ones, so we enjoyed watching them experience all the action. I got lots of photos, as did the others.

family group
Elaine and her four kids – Destry, Shauna, Shane, and John
family group
John, Dave, Elaine, Shauna, Shane, and Destry. Cora and Cody snuck in as well.
Cora and Cody
Cora and Cody sitting on the red Buddha’s arm

But what was very special about the occasion is that all four of Elaine’s kids were together for the dinner event. We don’t remember exactly when this last occurred, but it was probably more than ten years ago. We took advantage of the opportunity and took lots of photos.

After dinner Elaine packed for overnight and went to Shauna’s for the night. They are driving to Salt Lake City to pick up Shauna’s daughter Taylor, flying in from Missoula MT, and then the three of them will do some wedding preparation shopping. Elaine went over tonight because they will either drive down tonight and stay in a hotel or will leave around 4:00 tomorrow morning to get there in time to meet Taylor’s flight. It is 180 miles to the Salt Lake City airport, so it is a 3½ hour drive.

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