Breakfast with a gang. Visit from Kyle and Bryson. Farson Mercantile. Elaine back in Rock Springs.

breakfast group
Cora, Destry, Rachel, and Cody; Shane and Johnna at breakfast at Village Inn

I got up around 6:30 this morning and had my breakfast as usual. A little later Destry got a call from brother Shane inviting us to join he and Johnna for breakfast at Village Inn. I went along to enjoy the company, though I only had a cup of coffee. We had a great time and it was fun watching Shane teach Cody how to build a drinking straw pyramid that Cody was calling a bonfire.

straw pyramid
Cody and Shane delighted with their straw pyramid

It all started with Cody placing two wrapped straws on the table in a cross fashion and calling it a bonfire. He found more straws and expanded it to three bonfires. Then Uncle Shane helped him build a pyramid using the straws, with four straws upright and together at the top and four straws on the table forming the base. He got the idea to expand that concept and used an empty creamer cup to hold the tops of the bunch of straws and then spread out the legs. Shane did it at first, and then Cody got the idea and built his own. It took a couple of tries to get the straws lined up properly to form the pyramid, but he got it.

another straw pyramid
Cora and Destry building a straw pyramid as well

Not to be outdone, Cora then asked for some straws so she could build her own pyramid, and Dad Destry helped her get the concept. Cora did well on this, too. It was great fun watching the two kids struggle with this new concept and then mastering it and seeing the gleam in their eyes when they were successful.

After breakfast I got the car washed and filled the fuel tank, and then headed back to the house. Destry and family had taken a walk a couple of blocks to the Rock Springs Cemetery to try to find the Schanno graves there. There are several Schannos buried in this cemetery; that is Elaine’s mother’s family. They weren’t successful in their search but went back later with Elaine to find them.

Kyle and Bryson
Grandson Kyle Ogden and his son, Bryson

Grandson Kyle Ogden came over for a visit bringing his son, Bryson. We had a great visit; though I usually see Kyle when we are in the area this was the first time we have had a one-on-one visit and we had a good conversation. Kyle had a serious motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and suffered significant brain damage. But he has recovered greatly and has for the last year or so been attending Western Wyoming College’s Mine Maintenance program. He expects to graduate from this next spring and is considering taking some additional classes so he can also get an Industrial Maintenance degree as well. He may even go a step further and add an Electrical Maintenance degree. His plan is to work in the trona industry, a very stable and good place to work in this area. There are several mines west of Green River. Kyle is very pleased with his progress and he should be. Two years ago no one thought he would ever get this far!

Destry and family were gone to Farson when Kyle came that time, so he came back later so he could see them as well. He had never met Rachel and the kids, so it was a chance to close those links. Kyle’s wife, Ashley, came as well after getting off from her work.

Why Farson? To get ice cream, of course! The Farson Mercantile, 45 miles north of Rock Springs, “Home of the Big Cone”, is famous world-wide for its ice cream cones. They serve over 20 flavors of ice cream and also serve pizza and deli subs. The Merc is an old stop on the route coming down from South Pass and on the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails. It is at the intersection with the modern highway US 191 which locally travels through Rock Springs to Jackson Hole. The Merc has served the local communities of Farson and Eden and the surrounding area. Believe me, when they say Big Cone they mean it! You want to order a small unless you are VERY hungry. We used to drive to Farson when we lived in Rock Springs just to get an ice cream cone and would usually stop there when passing through, and many others from the area do the same.

Elaine had spent the day in Salt Lake City UT. She went down with Shauna to pick up Taylor, flying in from Missoula MT. A main purpose for the trip was to select Taylor’s wedding dress and get it fitted; the wedding is coming up at the end of the year. Elaine also bought a dress for the wedding. They would have had to leave from Green River about 4:00 AM to meet the flight but decided to drive down last night and stay in a hotel. Elaine called me when they reached Little America, west of Green River, and I drove to Shauna’s house to pick up Elaine. It was a long couple of days for those travelers, and they were glad to get back home again.

Destry and family are out this evening fishing with brother John over in Green River. Destry got a one-day permit and borrowed some gear from John. John is well-known as an excellent fisherman and Destry used to have such a reputation as well.

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