Via Delosantos supper. Hernia diagnosis. Wound still infected. Elaine’s Copics tub.

group at Via Delosantos
Dinner at Via Delosantos: Dave, Elaine, Bill Russell, Joyce Garcia, Sharlene Froberg, Wayne Moderson, Pete Petersen

A few weeks ago Wayne Moderson mentioned a Mexican restaurant on Central between Dunlap and Hatcher called Via Delosantos. He thought it was one of the better ones he had been to. We have seen the place many times before driving by, but the outside appearance did not attract us so we ignored it. We owed Pete Petersen a dinner out in payment for taking care of our dogs while we were gone and asked him where he wanted to go. He had never been to Via Delosantos either and said that was the place. So while in the pool this afternoon we set that up and also invited Bill Russell and Wayne Moderson. We stopped at the Park office to ask Sharlene Froberg something and invited her as well. She had been invited to dine at her sister Joyce Garcia’s house but called and said they would join us as well.

Via Delosantos is an interesting place to eat, with great decor as you can see in the photo above. It has been around since 1985 (if I remember what I saw) so is well established in the Sunnyslope community. The John C Lincoln hospital is a few blocks away and it has been popular with that crowd for lunches. And it has good reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor.

We were pleased with our food. Elaine had a Chicken Chimichanga and I had a Pollo Fundido (Chicken wrapped with a tortilla and covered in a jalapeƱo cream cheese sauce) – always a favorite with me. Pete had a Cod Chimichanga, Bill a Shredded Beef Chimichanga, Wayne had an enchilada (I think), Sharlene had a Shrimp Chimichanga, and I don’t remember what Joyce had. I heard no complaints from anyone. Pete did think the rice and beans were not as good as at Las Glorias and both Pete and Elaine thought the guacamole was not as good as either of them make. We’ll be back there again, I am sure!

I have had a pain in my right groin for the last 2-3 months and it has been getting worse and more frequent, so I made an appointment with Dr Warren Johnson, our Primary Care Physician for the last 14 years for today. He diagnosed it as a hernia and will make arrangements for surgery.

I also had a checkup appointment with the skin doctor today. They had received the report on the infection of the surgical wound on my back and learned that the antibacterial drug originally prescribed does not knock out that strain so I have a new prescription for Cipro for the next week. I was told today that there is still infection there and the wound is still slightly open, but it has improved somewhat since last checked a week ago. So, no swimming in my near future!

arranging Copics
Elaine arranging her Copic marker pens in her new tub

Elaine was busy yesterday arranging her Copic marker pens in the new tub she had bought a couple of weeks ago. Prior to this she has at first kept the markers in tall plastic tubes that drink mixes come in, and that worked for a while. As she got more and more pens she switched to plastic tubs with hinged covers that would hold 2-3 dozen. But then she bought more and more and that got out of hand. When she found this larger tub she snapped it up as a one container for all her pens solution. I had to add a bottom under the grillage as I described in an earlier story, but she is just now getting to place the pens in this new tub. One question she pondered yesterday was whether to arrange them in horizontal rows or vertical rows; she started with the former but I think she ended up with the latter. These pens come in many colors and in a wide range of color shades, so organization is important.

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