Shopping. Newsletter. Cooler weather.

I guess we didn’t do enough shopping yesterday, for Elaine and Pete Petersen went to WinCo and Walmart today! Pete is a discerning shopper and is very aware of prices and values, and knows which products to buy in which store, so there are things for which he has convinced us to go to WinCo. As well, Elaine needed to do some shopping for the Royal Palm Rescue Pantry and both those places are good places to shop for the pantry. I’ll be able to go next time, for they saw some electric carts at WinCo; I can’t walk far enough to cover that huge store on foot.

In the meantime I was home working on the October Royal Palm newsletter. I always start by copying the newsletter Publisher file from the previous month and then do the adjustments and changes from there. The Social Club meeting will be held next Saturday and I try to have all those changes made before then as well as any content for which I am solely responsible (Senior Resources, Tech Tidbits, Royal Palm Spotlight). Next week I will check in with advertisers to get commitments for space so I can better plan the layout and number of pages. I completed the Senior Resources article today and will set up the interview for the Spotlight next week.

Today was the first double-digit day in a long time – it only reached 98°! Normal is around 103°. Tomorrow should be more of same, but then it will heat up to the 103° to 106° range for the next week.

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