Cleanup day. Great burritos. Great supper.

My major efforts today were in doing some cleaning and rearranging outside on the patio and back yard. Over time the winds had blown a bunch of palm husks and leaves onto our patio along with a coating of dust and dirt. It was time to sweep and clean, and that I did. Another time soon I will wash the patio as well and clean out the joints in the concrete slabs. But by the time I got my projects done today I was ready for a break and besides the heat was building up.

The patio sweeping required me to move around a bunch of stuff to get to the floor, so I took advantage of the opportunity to do things like rehang my tall stepladder on its hooks on the side of the house. It had been left out on the patio in an open state when putting some stuff back on a high rack I use to store some pipe and various wood pieces.

Another task was to move the wood I had stored behind the shed since the shed was built. This consisted mostly of leftover siding material. I have used some of that to build the planter boxes on the front of the house and I will use some more for some planter boxes I plan to build across the back of the house once it cools down some.

Part of the reason for moving the wood from the back of the shed was to improve the appearance of the rear of our property; I have always thought it looked messy with the wood stored there. I moved it to the front of the shed so now it is hidden from view.

Another part of the reason is to prepare for an upcoming project – I want to build additional shed space at the back of the existing shed to use for storing holiday decorations and some of the stuff we now have stored in the shed that make it not easy to work in.

Breakfast was our usual superb breakfast burritos that Elaine makes every week. I cannot finish the burrito at breakfast so I eat half then and the other half at noon for lunch, so I get the wonderful flavors twice on Sunday! Tonight she cut up some pork steak into strips and cooked it with red and green peppers, mushrooms, brown rice, and onions saut̩ed in soy sauce and honey Рvery yummy! An excellent cook, that lady!

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