Heart testing. Surgery setup. Heat – 25 days 110 and over.

gamma camera
Dave in a Gamma Camera, which takes specialized photos of the heart to study oxygen use

I had three hours of testing this morning at the Honor Health Heart Group, under the direction of Dr Gary Kauffman. He wanted to get more thorough information about how my heart is functioning and today’s tests were designed to accomplish that. It started with injecting a radioactive dye which attaches to oxygen in the heart and will show where oxygen is being used. Those areas where oxygen is not present may be damaged or otherwise not active.

Some time after the dye was injected I was taken to a Gamma Camera (see photo) that takes “pictures” of the whole heart so he can see what is going on. The Gamma Camera system “slices” the heart into 32 slices front-to-back, 32 slices side-to-side, and 32 slices top-to-bottom. Essentially this shows the heart in a huge number of 3D chunks, so he can separate one from another. After the Gamma Camera session I next went to a chemical stress test, where EKGs were run before and after injecting a vasodilator, which causes my system to act as if I was running on a treadmill. Since I am not able to run, this was done instead. Once this was done I underwent extensive sonogram testing to get further information about heart activity. Then a final session in the Gamma Camera to get information about how my heart was using oxygen after the stress testing. I get the results next Monday.

This afternoon I had an appointment with Dr Francisco Rodriguez, the surgeon to whom I was referred for my inguinal hernia problem. He is with the Valley Surgical Clinics. He verified Dr Warren Johnson’s diagnosis and characterized it as a “large hernia”. His office will set up the surgery. He will do a Laparoscopic┬áSurgery, which is a minimally invasive technique. More about that later, but this involves making three openings no larger than a pencil eraser to make the hernia repair.

Elaine went to crafts this morning but did not stay long. Management has installed some deodorizers in the Clubhouse, Card Room, and Pool Room and she is adversely affected by what is discharged so she cannot stay long. She had a good conversation with one of the new managers and explained the effect; she thinks he is interested in trying to work out a resolution.

We had another 110┬░ day today – the 25th this summer at 110 or above. The normal temp for the date is 101┬░. We’ll get a couple more 100+ days this week but the forecast for the weekend is temps in the 90s. Hooray!

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