Gizmo eye doctor. Texas Roadhouse dinner. Newsletter.

Gizmo at eye doctor
Dr Carla HIbbs and Assistant Miranda with Gizmo at Eye Care for Animals

It was time for Gizmo’s six-month eye checkup today at Eye Care for Animals and he got a good report – he can go nine months to his next one. He has Pigmentosa Keratitis in both eyes (a brown pigment band runs across the center of each eye) and fluid in the cornea of his left eye (the one that got damaged when he was younger) that gives it a white appearance. Dr Carla Hibbs said his condition was stable enough to go a longer period. He will still have to have multiple eye drops and ointments applied morning and evening, for the rest of his life. But those are to keep infections down and maybe keep the conditions from getting worse.

gang at Texas Roadhouse
Betty Stroh, Dave, Elaine, Wayne Moderson, Pete Petersen, Dale Stroh at Texas Roadhouse

In the pool this afternoon the talk got around to food, as usual, and Elaine found that Pete Petersen and Wayne Moderson were planning to go to Texas Roadhouse for Roadkill Burgers tonight, so she thought we ought to join them since she knows I like Roadkill Burgers, though she does not. She talked me into it. Betty and Dale Stroh were also in the pool at the time and before they left they were also talked into joining us all. We got there before 5:00 PM; it being Friday night Texas Roadhouse gets very busy and we wanted to beat the crowd and not have to wait. We were successful in that! Wayne, Pete, and Dale all had the Roadkill Burger and Betty had ribs. I did not want that much food so I joined Elaine with a 10 oz Ribeye Steak with mushrooms and onions on top plus shrimp, vegetables, and sweet potato. We brought half of it home as leftovers.

I worked on newsletter stuff today. I made some calls for ads and did the interview for the Royal Palm Spotlight feature. I should be able to mostly finish it this weekend. I will need to wait on a couple of ads until early week; until then I cannot finalize the layout.

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