Grooming day. John quick visit. Cardiologist visit. Expired registration.

Kerby after
Kerby after grooming today
Kerby before
Kerby before grooming today

For some reason Kerby looked much shaggier this time than usual, but he sure cleaned up nicely as did Gizmo! Lately they have been going on Sundays to Danielle, but this time it went an extra day to Monday, but I don’t think an extra day made a shag difference. Kerby, having a light-colored coat, gets dirty looking so quickly it is always nice to see him clean again but it only lasts for a day or so.

Unending Shrimp
Elaine’s first course of Unending Shrimp at Red Lobster. She and John both had the Unending Shrimp meal though each selected different shrimp preparations.

John called his Mom late yesterday telling her he would be in Phoenix for a short visit today and he got in at Royal Palm around 2:00 this afternoon. Jeff has a new place for John to park his truck – over near the recycle bins – so Elaine met him at the gate and showed him the spot. Then we went swimming while John started his laundry and took the Equinox to Walmart for some shopping.

New Orleans Salmon
My New Orleans Salmon and Shrimp at Red Lobster

We got a chance to visit for a while after that and then headed out for dinner at Red Lobster. John wanted their Unending Shrimp dinner and Elaine also had the same. I had the New Orleans Salmon with Shrimp. All was good, and Elaine and I have some good leftovers.

We went to cardiologist Dr Gary Kauffman’s office this morning to get the results of my recent testing. He said there was nothing wrong with my heart; an occasional skipped beat perhaps and some heart muscles are a little thick. He had suggested that I have high blood pressure and thought those thick muscles might contribute to it. I have been checking blood pressure often since my last visit with him and have been seeing numbers either like 135/70 or 115/63, though sometimes it goes up to 145/65 or even once 145/97. No pattern related to activities. So he prescribed a high blood pressure medication which I will take and see what it does for me.

We got a notice from ADOT in the mail on Friday that the registration on both the motorhome and the Equinox had expired. I knew about the motorhome because I had purposely not renewed it since it was going up for sale. But the Equinox surprised me. So today I went to AZ License & Title Services on N 29th Ave to renew, only to find out that I needed to first get an emissions check since the vehicle is five years old. So off I went to the emission station near W Peoria and N 23rd Ave and got that done; tested OK. Then back to AZ License and got the registration renewal done. The emissions check is good for two years and I renewed the registration for two years as well. Since the previous registration expired at the end of July I had to pay a penalty charge.

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