Below average temps continue. Newsletter work. Crafts session.

Our cooler trend continues. Normal temps are around 100.

We delight in the continued below-average temperatures. Normal for this time of year is 100° but we’ve had temps 2-3° below that and the forecast calls for this to continue. Look at the 88 and 89 and 90 in the forecast! We’ve enjoyed those lower temps and the Park even had to start up the pool heater again because pool temps were getting down into the low 80s. It was comfortable enough that Elaine washed down and cleaned the golf cart after we returned from swimming this afternoon; it really needed it.

I spent several hours today wrapping up the Royal Palm newsletter. I am still waiting for two ads, but the rest is done. I’ll print out copies for the reviewers tomorrow morning and it will go to press Thursday.

Elaine went to the craft session at the Clubhouse this morning. This is an informal gathering of (mostly) women who get together and do their craft work. Usually each does their own thing, though sometimes they have classes. I think there were only three there today, but more will be coming in future weeks. They haven’t gathered for a couple of months because many were traveling or away for the summer, but more will be returning soon.

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