WinCo shopping. Newsletter ready for printing. Banks are changing.

It was WinCo shopping time today for Elaine. She invited Pete Petersen to come along since he cannot carry much with his only vehicle – a motor scooter – and he likes to shop at WinCo. He has convinced us of the values for shopping there as well as the quality of some of their offerings. I have liked the Tisdale line of wines he introduced me to; they cost in the $3 range but are good enough for my nightly glass of red wine. And there are several other items we get at WinCo instead of at other stores. So instead of only shopping at Fry’s, we now also shop at WinCo, Trader Joe’s, and sometimes Walmart for groceries.

I printed out the Royal Palm newsletter after making some last-minute changes this morning so the reviewers could do their job. Once those went out, I constructed the word puzzle; that way the reviewers don’t get to see it and can freely enter the puzzle contest if they want to. The puzzle is a scrambled-letter puzzle with the letters scattered throughout the newsletter, identified as being bold uppercase letters in the middle of words. Once gathered, the reader enters them on a form included in the newsletter and then deposits the form in a box at the office. The winning entry is drawn at the monthly Social Club meeting and the winner gets a $10 cash prize from the Social Club. I had one last full-page ad come in late this afternoon, and I will wrap up the newsletter in the morning and take it to the printer.

I was in the Chase bank branch at 2950 W Peoria Ave a day or so ago and while I was waiting for the banker I looked around the interior and was amazed at the changes. We have gone to this branch since around 2010. There was once ten teller windows available but now seven of them are closed. There are two freestanding automatic teller machines in front of the seven closed windows. There was once about a dozen cubicles in the office area but now there are only about eight and I saw only six employees on duty. This just goes to show how the retail banking industry has changed; I am sure the same conditions can be found in branch after branch all over the country. We do very little business at branches. We mostly use smartphone and computer for banking and use ATM machines to get cash. Very little of our money gets spent or comes in via check these days – we have been using direct deposit for years and now use our smartphones to deposit any checks we receive. Almost all of our monthly payments are either made electronically or are charged to a credit card, and the credit card balances are automatically paid in full each month. I may write four to six checks a year; for the most part if a check payment is needed I have it sent from Chase using bill pay. What changes!

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