Copic bin fix. Fall flags now. Newsletter printed.

Copic bin
Elaine’s bin for storing her Copic pens. I had to fix it today so the cover would snap in place.

I had added a false floor to the bin Elaine bought to store her Copic pens in, so the whole grillage could be lifted out if needed to access the bin bottom. But she told me a couple of days ago that she was having trouble latching the lid. Today I checked it out and realized that all I needed to do was change the nut and remove the washer that were at the bottom end of the four corner bolts holding the grillage and false bottom together. The original nuts were the self-locking type so were thicker. I swapped for regularĀ Ā¼-inch nuts and left off the washers and now the cover can be latched in place fine using the blue handles at each end, as you can see in the photo.

fall flags
I changed my garden flags to a fall motif today

Since tomorrow is the official first day of fall I thought I should change the garden flags from Summer to Fall, so I did that today. However, here in Phoenix the first day of fall is never the first fall day – that won’t come for a couple of months. But I switched the flags anyway.

The October newsletter got printed at UPS today and is ready to be assembled, folded, and delivered by the volunteer team tomorrow. I will also post it at the Royal Palm Social Club web site tomorrow. Glad to have it done!

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