Birthday and end-of-summer celebration. Newsletter distributed.

Dale and Dave at grill
Dale Stroh and Dave working the grill at the birthday bash tonight

As we have done for the two months previous, tonight we had a gathering to celebrate those in Royal Palm whose birthdays are in September. But this party was also to celebrate the end of summer, and instead of going out to eat we had the party in the Clubhouse. That meant a lot of work for some people, and especially Elaine and Dale and Betty Stroh. Sharlene Froberg helped with organizing and also did some cooking for the meal. The main course consisted of grilled ground beef patties and grilled bratwursts, but there were several other dishes to go along with those.

Sept birthdays
Some Royal Palm residents who are celebrating birthdays in September

Sharlene cooked her famous sausage, peppers, and onions dish and others provided a pasta salad and some other side dishes. There were also ample desserts especially a bread pudding prepared by Jeff, our new manager, which was a great hit. Dale Stroh and I handled the grill work.

We bought burger and dog buns from Fuddrucker’s; these are the best such buns you can find and they were baked fresh today.

The birthday cake was a half-sheet cake we bought at Fry’s, with the legend “Happy Birthday September Babies“.

newsletter cover
Cover of the October Royal Palm newsletter. Click on the image to download the newsletter

Today was newsletter delivery day. A group of seven volunteers gathered in the Clubhouse at 9:30 to assemble and fold the October newsletter. This issue has three insert pages; two were already stacked and the other had to be added as well. The newsletters are then folded vertically and wrapped with a rubber band, used to hang the newsletter from mailboxes. While they did that I distributed some newsletters to the office and to the game room and put one on each of six bulletin boards. Then I loaded six different bags with the newsletters for delivery routes. This process took about ½ hour to assemble 325 newsletters.

Elaine and Mary McDougale did the delivery to A, B, D, and E Streets; Melody Murphy to C Street; Dale and Betty Stroh to the doublewide section; and Bill Russell and Vaneddie Jones to the RV section.

We (mostly Elaine) did some shopping as well. She and Mary went to Fry’s to pick up the cake we ordered for the party and to get a few other things, then this afternoon she and I went to Fuddrucker’s to pick up the buns. We were tired enough around 1:30 that instead of going swimming we both took naps for an hour or so.

Needless to say, we were both overtired by the time we got back home tonight around 6:00!

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