Look back: San Antonio Riverwalk. Quiet day.

Photo of reflections in Riverwalk
The Riverwalk provides a peaceful setting in the heart of the city

[Note: Another photo from the past showing places we have been.] In December 2011 we visited San Antonio TX for the second time; our first visit was in December 2006. Our 2001 visit was planned to be there during the Christmas season, as we were impressed with the Riverwalk at that time on our first visit. For a wondrous tour through the heart of a city San Antonio’s Riverwalk is one of the best. You walk along the banks or float on the river 20-30 below street level and in a magical kingdom just barely aware of the world above. This watery kingdom has restaurants and shops, and connections to hotels that line the streets above. Bridges arch over the water to allow you to easily go from one side to the other, and bridges carry the streets over the water as well. Though colorful during the day, at night and especially at Christmas trees lining the river add their own magic of colored lights that make them seem almost imaginary. The photo here is one of my favorites and we use it as one of our wallpaper images on our computers; you can read my story from that visit at http://violette.com/2011/12/21/san-antonio-riverwalk/.

We had a quiet day today. Elaine worked on cards, making five Christmas cards. She says she has ideas for five more and I am sure she will add to that as time goes on. Yes, she has started making Christmas cards already! She wants to be prepared, and those cards do not just appear overnight.

I did some minor office work but not much else.

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