Morning cool. Swimming again. Travel plans.

I couldn’t believe the temperature I saw on the thermometer this morning, it was 57°! We’ve had nights down in the 60s lately, but this is several degrees lower. Not that we won’t be seeing temps like that soon – but after several months with overnight lows in the 80s it is a surprise. Our heat even came on once this morning! I have the thermostat set for heating to 75° and cooling to 78° in the fall and spring, so it had dropped below 75. Our days are very nice this time of year; normal is around 98° and they will being dropping further still.

I got to swim again today! I haven’t been able to for several weeks while a small surgical wound on my back was healing. It got infected so the healing process dragged out longer than it should have. But the medical staff checked it today and proclaimed me healed, so I can immerse it in the pool water again. It felt good; while I was not able to swim I was walking on the pool bottom at a depth that kept my shoulders out of the water. While walking I was also doing swimming strokes with my hands and arms so they got exercise as well. I realized yesterday that my walking/stroking routine was probably giving me about as good an exercise as my regular swimming would do, so I hadn’t been hurting those last few weeks.

I went over to an elderly neighbor’s house today to install some kitchen drawer and cabinet pulls. His kitchen recently had to be redone due to flooding water damage and the ones who installed the cabinets did not install handles and the drawers and doors did not have recesses or other means to easily open them. He had the handles from the previous cabinets and had removed a number of them, so we reused those. Easy job; I got the most important of them done but did not finish before I had to leave. Will do the others soon.

Speaking of lower temps, I went to pick up some prescriptions for Elaine this evening and was able to take the boys along. Summer temps are just too high to leave them in the car, but at 83° this evening they would be OK – especially with no sun shining. As it turned out, I was able to use the drive-up window so did not have to turn the engine off. The boys, especially Gizmo, like to go for a ride.

I spent a lot of time today (and yesterday) making travel plans for an upcoming trip to Missoula MT in early October. We are going up so Elaine can attend a bridal shower for granddaughter Taylor Dockter. I got frustrated trying to sort out the flights, since the ones that travel at the times we would prefer cost several hundred dollars more and did not have the seating we wanted. I started with Expedia and ended up using the Delta site. I found flights at Delta that Expedia did not show at all! I finally chose a flight that gets us into Missoula at 11:45 PM; the others were too expensive.

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