Antifurl flag pole. Fry’s, Costco, shopping.

Grace Alley flagpole
My new Grace Alley tangle-free flagpole will keep my flag from wrapping around the pole, I hope.

While I have enjoyed having the US flag on the front of our house, I was not happy that the flag would get wrapped around the pole when blown in the wind. This was because it was fastened tight at the top with no way to move around the pole as the wind blew. That pole was a simple wooden one, so I bought a different one from Grace Alley on Amazon that is designed to prevent that. This one is made with a two-piece pole and the upper half is free to rotate around its central shaft and this is intended to keep the flag flying free. We’ll see if it works. The flag I had bought does not have grommets for fastening it to the flagpole so I will have to modify it by adding grommets. In the meantime I just cut small slots for the fasteners to attach.

A double shopping day for us. This morning we went to Fry’s to get a few things and this afternoon we went to Costco. I usually don’t go into Costco with Elaine because the store is too large for me to walk all the way. But today I went in and used an electric cart to get around and it worked very well for me. I didn’t even mind when Elaine did some “shopping” instead of just going for the items that were on the list! I will probably use the same technique at WinCo and the large Walmarts.

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