Hernia repair surgery.

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My wrist band from Honor Health John C Lincoln hospital

Today was the day for my inguinal hernia repair surgery at Honor Health John C. Lincoln hospital (JCL). Elaine took me to the hospital around 6:30 AM to get prepared for the surgery, scheduled for 8:45 AM, and she brought me home again around 12:30 with the surgery done and recovery completed. Dr Rodriguez reported that the surgery went well and got the job done. I suspected a hernia a few months ago, and the pain has increased over that time. Most of the time the pain levels had been in the 1-2 range but there have been several episodes in the 5-6 range. I am glad to have it done.

The repair is done by installing a mesh on the inside of the muscle wall to reinforce it and close the hernia opening. The laparoscopic technique uses three very small incisions and the procedure is guided using a camera inserted through one incision. The surgical site is made more visible and accessible internally by inflating the area with carbon dioxide gas to lift the skin-fat-muscle layer to reveal the organs below. The other two incisions are used to insert the tools and materials used in the technique. This technique is intended to greatly reduce the impact to the body, reduce the pain, and enhance the healing process. Though the doctor sent me home with a prescription for Oxycodone-Acetaminophen, I have yet to feel the need to take any since arriving at home.

The hospital staff with whom I came in contact were universally great. All were very professional and friendly, and all gave the impression that they enjoyed their jobs. I was served by an admissions person, a man who took me to the pre-op room, two pre-op nurses, a surgery prep nurse, and a post-surgery nurse in addition to an anesthesiologist, the surgeon, and a third-year surgery resident who stopped by to introduce himself and let me know he would be scrubbing-in if I had no objections (I didn’t). There were obviously others in the surgery but I was not aware of them. I have been at JCL several times over the years and have always found their staff to be great.

It took a few hours after arriving home for the apparent effects of the anesthesia to wear off, and I napped off and on most of the afternoon. There was some initial pain in the upper chest area due to the inflation mentioned above, but that subsided over an hour or so. There is some pain in the hernia repair area this evening, but none at the incision sites. There is a large bandage over the incision sites.

I am restricted in lifting to less than 10 pounds over the next week or so, but that will be raised over the next 3-4 weeks. Other than that, no significant restrictions except no swimming for a time. I will see Dr Rodriguez next Tuesday and will learn more then.

Overall, at this point, on the evening of the surgery, I am pleased with the procedure and am looking forward to elimination of the hernia pain.

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  1. Hi,I had a inguinal hernia problem and that ended with a surgery. Considering that I am satisfied with the service, professionalism and especially the care of recovery, I would like to continue recommendations. Quality repair is essence of good recovery and please educate yourself!

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