Bingo’s back. Blood tests. Recovering.

After taking the summer off, the Bingo crew has it back in operation here at Royal Palm starting tonight. There were several that were traveling this summer so they would have had a problem assembling the needed team; those who work Bingo games have to be licensed by the state, so not just anyone can work the games. Elaine knew all day that there was something she was supposed to do but it wasn’t until just before dinner that she remembered Bingo. She dug out her daubers and set them out to be ready for tonight.

I got a call from Dr Low’s office today, reminding me of my appointment with him tomorrow afternoon. I have to get blood tests done in advance of the appointment so he will have the results when he sees me. I usually do the blood tests 3-5 days in advance, but I lost track of the Dr Low appointment this time with so much else going on. I hope they can get the results to him by tomorrow! His office used to have a lab right there and the testing would be done when I arrived and the results would be available a short time after. Dr Low is my oncologist, and I see him every nine months currently in a watch-and-wait regime for the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) we’ve been tracking for years.

I headed out to the LabCorp office at John C Lincoln, a couple of miles from the house only to find a sign on the door saying they were closed today. They left a pad of lists of the lab locations and I found one at 57th Ave and Thunderbird to be the closest, so I headed there. I sort of panicked when I walked in for there were 15-20 people in the waiting room. But I got called in within about 15 minutes of arrival and was out again soon after.

My hernia surgery area was painful after I got up this morning, though it had not been all night. Pain levels overnight were in the 1-2 range but this morning they jumped up to 4-5. I took a half of an Oxycodone pill this morning and it knocked the level  back some. Then I took another ¼ late this afternoon. I don’t want to do much Oxy, having had trouble with constipation using Oxy in the past. Elaine reminded me late this afternoon that I was supposed to be putting ice on the area; we had both forgotten that detail. She got out the ice bag they sent home with me and I put it on. It’s a 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off regime. I have some swelling, so perhaps I should have been doing that all along! I am also running a little fever.

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