Shopping and then some. Let’s go a year. Fever gone.

Pete Petersen needed to do some shopping this morning as did Elaine, so she picked him up and headed out; he can’t haul much on his scooter. At first she only thought they were going to Albertson’s, but it got to be more than that! He had a list of stuff to buy for Lois, so they headed off to other stores and by the time they were done they had been to Albertson’s, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Fry’s (for fuel), the 99ยข Store, and St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop. And not having done enough this morning, she went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon!

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2003 and have been on a watch-and-wait basis since. I have been going to my current oncologist, Dr Boo Ghee Low, since about 2006 or 2008. He started by having me come in every three months so he could track things. Several years ago he extended it to six months and last year to nine months. Today, he felt comfortable extending that to a year. That was good news for Elaine and me! Some symptoms I had in the earlier years have gone away, and no new symptoms have shown up. He is also tracking the prostate cancer problem I had a couple of years ago and reported PSA levels are very low, at 0.3.

I reported yesterday that I had a slight fever, probably associated with the recent hernia surgery on Wednesday, but it seems to have gone away today. Still having pain in the surgery zone but am taking Oxy for that and using ice packs several times a day.

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