Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

tablet stand
Elaine using her new tablet stand. It holds her tablet (or phone) so she does not have to hold it in her hands.

Elaine uses her tablet or her smartphone much of the time while sitting in her recliner. In the past she just held the device in her hands, but she complained that after some time her hands would hurt. Granddaughter Taylor told her about an expandable button that can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet around which you place a couple of fingers and this avoids having to grip the tablet or phone. I got her one of those and it worked fine, but her fingers still got tired. Then she spotted a different device intended for the same purpose and I ordered that. She has used it now for a couple of days and seems to like it.

This new device has four flexible legs supporting a plastic base that has three slots in its top. You place the tablet or phone in one of the slots and fasten a cord-and-clip to the top of the phone or tablet to hold it in place. This avoids having to hold the phone or tablet at all. Because the legs are so flexible the stand can be used on any surface, even an irregular one. It can be used in a chair, a bed, or just about any place else. So far it seems to work out, but I will let you know if it still does over time. I will say that Gizmo is not really happy about this new device. Those flexible legs can intrude into the space he likes to curl up in while Elaine is sitting in her chair!

leftovers for boys
The leftover meats from my breakfast go to the boys.

We had breakfast this morning at IHOP on W Northern Ave. I ordered a small Colorado Omelet and a side of sausage for the boys. However, when I got the omelet I was amazed at the amount of meats in it so when I was done eating I carefully picked out the scraps of ham, beef, and sausage to bring home to Kerby and Gizmo to augment the sausage links. As you can see in the photo at left, there was plenty of meats – I didn’t have to order extra sausage! There’s about 1ΒΌ sausage links on top but the rest is the leftover meats. They have a bonanza.

Elaine went to a card class at The Paper Collage today, as did her friend Jan Ostlund. Jan just recently returned from her summer trip to Minnesota, and this was their first class together since spring. These are the cards I have shown here on several occasions, and they both like not only the cards but the techniques they learn.

Coming home late in the afternoon I knew Elaine would appreciate not having to make supper so I suggested Papa Joe’s. She immediately agreed that was a good idea, and I called Pete Petersen to invite him as well. He accepted, as we knew he would, since he likes Papa Joe’s very much. We headed there at 5:00 and Elaine had shrimp and onion rings, I had spicy cod and shrimp and cole slaw, and Pete had catfish (I think) and baked beans. We brought some home as usual and will enjoy it in an upcoming day. I have one piece of fish and we have 5-6 shrimp and some onion rings and cole slaw left over. We also ordered some Peach Cobbler to bring home. Papa Joe’s is a small restaurant on W Bethany Home Road, just off 19th Ave, and is a favorite eating spot for folks from Royal Palm. Though this is the first time Elaine and I have been there in a couple of months, there are some from Royal Palm that go there one or more times a week. Good eats, fair prices

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