Tablift tablet stand. Quiet day.

TabLift in use
The illustration on the box shows better what the Tablift looks like in use.

I should have known better last night when writing about the new tablet and smartphone holder Elaine got. I was too lazy at the time to get out of my chair to get the box to show better detail and to get the Amazon link for purchase. Thank Chris Yust for not letting me get away with it! She commented on the Facebook post of the story asking about just those very details. So here they are!

Tablift legs
How the legs fold up and portrait vs. landscape mode

The device is called Tablift and the photo above shows better what the legs look like when in use. My photo with Elaine wearing darker clothing did not provide the contrast. The photo at left, also from the box, illustrates that it can be used to hold your tablet or smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode and also illustrates that the legs fold up into a relatively compact form. The slots into which the tablet can be place are arranged to provide three different angles: facing back, facing upright, and facing forward to suit your needs in how you are using it.

I purchased it from Amazon – just search for Tablift Tablet Stand. It cost $39.95 and was delivered within two days under Amazon Prime. You can learn more about it at the Amazon link.

We had a relatively quiet day, or at least I did. Elaine was busy in the craft room doing “stuff” much of the day and she went to a Women’s Club Board meeting this noon at the Card Room. The Women’s Club is preparing for their first meeting of the season.

Elaine went swimming this afternoon and I went along and sat in the shade reading and visiting with the pool gang on occasion. It was nice out, at 98°, and bright blue skies.

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