Sorry, no Missoula trip.

We had plans and plane tickets to fly to Missoula MT this Thursday so Elaine could attend a bridal shower for granddaughter Taylor Dockter this weekend. But our plans have now changed and we can’t go.

Over the weekend I started getting a large lump in the area below the upper incision from the laparoscopic hernia surgery done last Wednesday. It seemed to get larger as time went on and was becoming painful to touch. While I had an appointment scheduled with the surgeon for tomorrow, I called the office and spoke with his medical assistant and when she heard the description she said it would be better to come in today, so I made an appointment.

I saw a different doctor, a Dr Johnson, who told us that the large mass was a hematoma, that should go away on its own over time. As he inspected the area, though, of greater concern was the presence of infection around that upper incision and in the naval area. He cleaned the area and bandaged it and prescribed an antibiotic. He wants me back in a week for follow-up but said to not hesitate if anything changes in the meantime to either contact their office or the hospital where the procedure was done. Perhaps that fever I experienced for a day or two last week was the start of it.

I asked about the Missoula trip and after considering it for a moment he recommended that I not go. He is concerned about the possibility of the infection getting into the hematoma or even into the mesh area where the hernia repair was done. He wants me close by in case action is needed.

I told Elaine that I was happy for her to still go to Missoula, but she said she would feel more comfortable staying home in case she was needed. That’s my sweetheart!

Good thing I got the travel insurance!

I went to Walgreen’s to pick up my prescription only to learn they had to get clarification from the doctor. Apparently they said “two a day” in one place and “four a day” in another! I called in twice later and still no prescription. Now it looks like I won’t get it until tomorrow. Grrrr.

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