Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

Trader Joe's
A look inside Trader Joe’s

When Elaine returned from the Women’s Club meeting around 11:30 this morning she asked if I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s with her (I did). We like Trader Joe’s for some shopping, though it is too far away for us to do our regular shopping there. They do carry a good selection of produce but we mostly buy packaged goods and not produce there. I am not sure about Elaine, but the produce doesn’t look as good as what we see at Fry’s. They have quite a selection of packaged meats and cheeses and a great selection of frozen items. The Trader Joe’s we go to is on N 20th St, just south of Camelback, and is the size of a neighborhood market. Very easy to get around in.

Snacks I buy at Trader Joe’s. Most are in dark chocolate with nuts.

We didn’t have a lot of things to buy today, but there were some treats I like that I can only find at Trader Joe’s such as dark chocolate-covered almonds and hazelnuts and praline-covered pecans. I also like their Longboard white corn tortilla chips.

After being introduced to Wasabi Mayo by Pete Petersen many months ago I use it almost daily in my sandwiches. Pete and I were dismayed to discover a few weeks ago that Trader Joe’s no longer carried Wasabi Mayo! Fortunately I had a jar or two in the pantry, but I was going to miss it. Elaine was excited today to find it back on the shelves again, so we bought a jar for me and one for Pete.

Our first stop today, however, was at Bed, Bath & Beyond so she could do some shopping (I waited in the car). Earlier she had asked if I wanted to also have lunch while we were out; I had said I didn’t know, but while she was shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond I remembered that there was a Smashburger nearby and headed for there when we left. Elaine liked that, as they have her favorite burgers but especially for their Veggie Frites. She had a beef burger and Frites, I had Buffalo and Blue Cheese Black Bean Burger. We had the leftover Frites with supper tonight.

There were headlines in the news this morning about record snowfall in Havre and Great Falls MT, so I had to check further into what Missoula received. “While not a record, Missoula, Montana recorded 0.10 inches of snow Monday night, which is the earliest recorded measurable snow there in 34 yrs.” We had plans to fly to Missoula tomorrow for the weekend which we had to cancel, but we wouldn’t have gone into blizzard conditions as it turns out.


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