Peaceful at pool. Thanks, Bobby. Falls. Christmas stamps.

palm trees
The palms to the west of the pool

I went to the pool with Elaine this afternoon, though I cannot swim yet. It was good to be with our pool gang – a group of friends who go to the pool regularly in the afternoon. I found a chair in the shade and read on my tablet, occasionally joining in the conversations. It was a peaceful scene, with the tall Royal Palm trees reaching to the sky in all directions. No wind. Bright sunshine. Blue skies. 98°. It is quite restful. There are lounges at the east end of the pool area, set under three pergolas, as well as some chairs under umbrellas so there are plenty of shady areas in which to enjoy the scene.

Thanks to Bobby Fierro, who lives on D Street here in Royal Palm, for giving me some of his spicy Mexican food today. He loves to cook, and cooks often and gives it away to friends and family. Pete Petersen lives next door to Bobby so he often benefits. Pete loves spicy food, so it fits well. We stopped to talk with Bobby yesterday and I gently chided him for leaving me out of the largess distribution. Lo and behold, he showed up at our door this morning with a covered plate with two different dishes. I don’t hope to remember the Spanish names he gave to each; one was a vegetable dish with corn and squash and probably some jalapeños while the other was a spicy potato dish. Pete told Elaine he could barely eat the potato dish because it was so spicy. I agree that is is spicy, but it went down easily. There is enough of each left over for another meal or two!

I have noted that every doctor I have visited in the last six months or so has asked me if I have fallen in the last three months and if I was concerned about falling. There must be a concerted effort to help seniors be aware of the dangers or possibilities of falling – at least I assume these questions are directed mostly to seniors. Our insurance company also includes falling questions on surveys they send out. I applaud this effort. My Dad had several falls and one incapacitated him for several months. I’ve known of or heard of other seniors falling and breaking a hip and dying within a few months. It is a serious issue and I am glad they are focusing the attention on the topic.

Tonight on the news they reported on the latest designs from the US Postal Service for this year’s Christmas stamps. It was 98° here in Phoenix today – hard to get into a wintry mood!

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